Zamzam Project Phases

To tell the amazing stories of the 350 passengers and crew, we are approaching the project in phases.

Phase 1

Interviews: The first phase of the Zamzam Project is interviewing the survivors 76 years after the sinking of the Zamzam ocean liner. This is to capture their amazing stories of survival and faith. As of May 2017, there are 23 survivors who live all over the world, ranging in ages from 78 to 103! We are meeting with these survivors to document their adventures on film before it’s too late! The filmed interviews will comprise the backstory for the documentary and supplemental movie DVD. Excerpts from the interviews are also planned for the end of the docu-drama film as part of the “who they were then and now” sequence.

Phase 2

Production: The next phase will be production of the docu-drama film and documentary. We are looking for a team to join us in filming this saga for the big screen as well as television. Please visit the Contact Us tab to get in touch with us if you or your company are interested in participating in this amazing project.

Distribution: The last phase will be the distribution of the materials to theaters, television, and other venues.

This is a grass roots effort to do this as fast as possible. We’ve already lost one survivor in the past year, and want to ensure we capture as many as possible as quickly as possible. If you want to help bring these amazing stories to life, please click on the Contribute tab!

Be part of bringing true stories to life!

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