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For more information about the Zamzam and its survivors, please read this material and visit these links.


Survivor’s Materials



Miracle at Sea, The Sinking of the Zamzam and Our Family’s Rescue

Eleanor Anderson

A Memoir on the Sinking of the Zamzam and Subsequent Experiences, with Entries from his Mother’s Account

Peter Levitt

Sinking of the Zam Zam, Diary of James W. Stewart with the British American Ambulance Corps, January-September 1941

James William Stewart, Editors:  David and Marilou Stewart, Deborah Stewart Weber

Zamzam:  The Story of a Strange Missionary Odyssey

The Augustana Synod Passengers, Edited by S. Hjalmar Swanson, PhD

The German Raider Atlantis

Wolfgang Frank and Bernhard Rogge

Under Ten Flags

Wolfgang Frank and Bernhard Rogge, Translated by Lt.-Cdr. R. O. B. Long, RNVR

Ship 16: The Story of a German Surface Raider

Ulrich Mohr and A.V. Sellwood

The Accidental Captives: The Story of Seven Women Alone in Nazi Germany

Carolyn Gossage, with the cooperation of Peter Levitt

Free Trip To Berlin

Isabel Russell Guernsey

The Lisbon Route, Entry and Escape in Nazi Europe

Ronald Weber

Pastor Draws Lessons from Prison Ship

Dana Murphy Albaugh

Sea Prison and Shore Hell: The Cruise of the Raider Atlantis

Roy Alexander and John Creagh

The Log of “Ship 16” (Atlantis) from 19 December, 1939 until 22 November, 1941.

US Navy

Bonds of Wire: A Memoir

Kingsley Brown


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